Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blogging? Let's do it!

Hello everyone!

I haven't really started my travels yet (44 days til I leave!) but a few people recommended that I create a blog as a more-legit-than-facebook way to stay in touch with people. So I'm trying it out! The idea is that I'll write something here every few days about what's happening. Although I do want to write in French (I desperately need the practice) I'll make sure to provide an English translation. It will serve a dual purpose: to inform those of you who speak English, and to explain my garbled French to those of you who speak both.

So far my travel plans are this:
June 24: leave for Paris, stay with Guillaume, hang out in the city for a weekend, drop off my stuff
June 29: leave for Denmark, volunteer at the Roskilde festival with Johannes (still waiting to find out if I can do it)
July 5: leave for Nice, farm in Puget-Theniers, chez Colette, Claude et Kin
Mid-September: return to Paris, begin my studies with APA (taking general classes in the Parisian university system, live with a host family)
First two weeks of January: break! Come visit! Travels! Couch surfing!
Mid-January: begin my studies with CIEE (taking intensive critical theory classes through the CIEE program, live in student housing)

I expect lots of visitors (that means you), especially second semester because I will be able to give you a place to stay. As it is, I'm still working on getting my visa, packing, learning the subjunctive (I didn't really take French 3), and ironing out plans in Denmark.

Any suggestions? Requests? Thoughts?

Rachel, une américaine (almost) à Paris


  1. Ha Ha, your only follower is your little brother and I'm only supporting you because you'll kill me if I don't.

  2. YAY! sounds fun :) i'll be the first person to visit you! oooh we can talk in french too... maybe. but ill be sure to inform Monteiro on what he's missing out on in Paris. I think he's jealous that you're going.

  3. That sounds way more adventurous than I ever was in Paris, and I'm so happy for you! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time.